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Pregnancy At 10 Weeks

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Week 10:

At 1.2 inches and the size of a lime, in the 10th week of pregnancy all the vital organs of the baby are formed, and are functional. Her cartilage and bones are forming, you have probably heard her heartbeat by now, and her mouth and legs are in the action frame. From now no you should be more careful as the development of the organs will start. You might not show that you are pregnant to others but would have certainly have put on some weight.

Physical and Emotional You

  • Though the pregnancy might not show yet but your tummy would be a little out.
  • Your waist might feel thicker, and your breasts are swelling up, being super sensitive to touch.
  • There is not any relief from nausea, so remember to carry an ice cream box with you every time you feel nausea tic or feel the need to puke.
  • The digestion is slow now due to progesterone, this might result in formation of wind, and you may pass quite often. Constipated, well yes, you need to take that walk and take in a lot of fluids (caffeine, and soft drinks do not count) so as to have a sorta-regular bowel movement. Do not be embarrassed it’s normal in pregnancy. Avoid eating heavy greasy meals.
  • The blood sugar level might be falling quite frequently so remember to keep snacking in between meals.
  • Due to increase in blood production your breasts, hands and feet will become very veiny and will be quite visible if you are light skinned. Do not worry this will soon subside after delivery or when you start breast feeding.
  • By now if you have shared with people that you are pregnant, people might start sharing their experiences. Do not get scared or worried, try to filter information and discard the information you do not need
  • You might also start dreaming and some of them will not be pleasant. Try not to sit and analyze the dreams. This might be because you have been unconsciously thinking about what you have heard all through the day. Learn to discard unnecessary information.
  • Since you put some extra weight do not refrain yourself from simple pleasures. Go ahead get a hair -cut, or a massage done or some shopping. These are mood lifters will make you feel better.
  • Stay happy, cheerful and enjoy your pregnancy.

Your Baby at Week 10

All the organs have formed and for the rest of the term they will develop to support for the life ahead. The limbs are formed, it’s time for the finger and toe nails to grow. The baby can now move its limbs even flex the wrist.

The kidneys have started functioning and this week it will produce urine. The stomach has started to secrete digestive juices and the baby will soon swallow amniotic fluid.

Depending on the gender of the baby the sex organs start forming. Though the head will still look larger than the rest of the body, the neck other facial bones start to develop this week.

A thin layer “lanugo” covers the baby and will disappear before delivery.

Things to Note

  • Try to cut down the intake of tea and caffeine. Try experimenting with herbal teas, but do check with the doctor if they are safe.
  • Increase the intake of milk and food rich in calcium, this week the tooth buds of the baby develop. Remember it draws energy for you so feed it well with essential nutrients.
  • Avoid infection of any kind as it hinders the baby’s development.
  • Do not stand quickly, else you will feel dizzy. Let the body balance the blood sugar levels as you stand.

PS: Every baby grows differently in the womb and outside it. The information presented here is on generic terms, and it does not necessarily holds true for everyone.
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