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Pregnancy At 17 Weeks

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Week 17

Week 17, as this week comes and goes , you would be very comfortable with your pregnancy and its symptoms. By now you actually look like a pregnant woman than a woman who is overweight due to over eating. Ultrasound and other tests become a normal part of life and you continue to get more excited with every passing week.

All that hard work in making the making the baby has been done. The essential organs and systems are fully functional. The baby has grown 3-4 times and looks more like a little person it will be.

Physical and Emotional You:

  • Your abdomen grows to provide space for the organs to move the growing baby. There can an occasional pain in the legs, this is called as sciatic nerve. This is the largest nerve that runs under the uterus down the length of your leg. The cause of pain is due to the pressure of the growing baby on the nerve. So avoid standing at one place for a long time.
  • Sweating may increase due to increase in blood volume. Some woman experience vaginal discharge and nasal congestion.

You should make a note of things where you keep. One of the common symptoms of early second trimester is “pregnancy amnesia”. You might not remember where you keep your things. Taking this as fun and humour will help.

Your libido levels might also be high, and with that round belly, your partner might as well find you even more attractive! Sex is absolutely welcome, if you are in the mood for it, unless your OB has advised you against it.

Your Baby at Week 17

Onion, 5 inches and around 167 gms – this is what your baby is like this week. The baby also develops the sense to hear. By now the baby has got accustomed to the noise of your blood gushing through the blood vessels, your heart beat, and the grumping stomach. Ah the baby! He knows it all! Though it cannot differentiate between your voice and others but it can hear the outside world. It might sometimes get startled loud sounds.

The head doesn’t look large enough as the arms and legs have grown. The cartilages turn to soft bones and remain flexible to ease child birth. The Adipose tissues develops to regulate the body temperature and vernix, your baby’s first anti wrinkle cream is just about developing.

If it’s a boy it will develop prostate gland this week.

Things to Note:

  • Get used to the regular appointments with your doctor. Every time you visit, they will test your blood sugar level, urine test, tummy test and check your weight. All this is done to ensure that everything is going on fine and there are no complications.
  • Expect to gain weight this trimester. Many women gain 10-15 kg this trimester. This is the time when you’d like the figures go up on the weighing scale!

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