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Pregnancy At 19 Weeks

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Week 19 :

Enormous changes have occurred in your body and in the baby since you conceived. This week the baby looks like a little mango. A white, oily coating known as vernix caseosa is covers the baby’s skin.

In some women the pregnancy might not be very obvious, especially those who have considerably tight abdominal muscles which can hide large womb or if a woman carries extra weight around her middle.

It is human nature to compare ourselves with others, and in pregnancy it is about the comparison with other woman tummy size. Every woman carries pregnancy differently and every baby is different. It is not possible to assess the sex and health of the baby by simply seeing the belly.

Physical and Emotional You

  • Your breath might be short and stamina somewhat low. The circulatory system is working very hard to supply blood to your body and to the baby through the umbilical cord. It is important to eat food rich in iron and vitamin D.
  • Your body temperature has increased, so you might be perspiring more. Avoid synthetic clothes and take a shower whenever you feel like. You need to wear comfortable dresses of soft material.
  • Protect yourself from urinary infections. Female urethra is shorter and bacterial infection can happen easily. Remember to wash from front to back after a pee. Empty your bladder before and after sex.
  • Heartburn is a common pregnancy problem. As the uterus grows your stomach is pushed up. The acids that remain down in the stomach now reach till your food pipe (oesophagus). You could also feel burning sensation after eating curries or spicy food. Avoid eating spicy food and drink lot of water. Drinking a glass of milk can do wonders.

You would find yourself pre-occupied thinking about your baby or waiting for it to move. If you are prone to depression or have a history of mental health disorders this time could be quite stressful for you. Speak to your doctor on how you are feeling.

Your Baby at Week 19

  • The baby is 14 cms now and has a translucent skin. Fat is developing underneath, but it is the lanugo that keeps the baby warm. A special substance known as brown fat covers the baby’s vital organs.
  • Vernix caseosa is a white greasy substance that covers your baby’s skin this week. It is to protect the skin from amniotic fluid, else the skin will get all wrinkled. If your baby is born early she will have traces of vernix , which will quickly disappear. This is your baby’s first anti wrinkle cream.
  • The baby develops hair on its little head and over the body. Babies who are born premature have a thin hair covering their back and upper arms, which slowly goes off.
  • No, your baby is not going to be a gymnast, she is just practicing some ballet moves!
  • The baby spends a lot of time sleeping, hence conserving energy to develop and mature.

Things to Note

  • Have your ultrasound tests regularly it is important to know the baby’s development and the functioning of the vital organs.
  • Try talking to your baby if you still have not. Get your partner in the act and see how the baby responds.
  • You can do some resistance exercise with weights and this will help to maintain your weight and reduce the chances of developing gestational diabetes.

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