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Pregnancy At 30 Weeks

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Week 30

Along with nervousness, you might be starting to feel that you have been pregnant too long now. The discomfort has caused these emotions, and this is normal. On the brighter side, your baby is now growing even more and his brain continues to develop. The digestive tract is functional and he absorbs the nutrients from your body. The nervous system also comes into place and you are all geared to go through the next ten weeks.

Physical and Emotional You

  • Tiredness, clumsiness, lack of sleep, heaviness and constipation with back ache and cramps might be feeling a bit too much now. But, for as well as you know, just a couple of weeks now.
  • Heartburn could be a regular issue, because of a sluggish digestive system and the uterus pushing the stomach upwards. OTC medicines may not be advised, check with your doctor.
  • The baby could be moving around a lot, and though you might enjoy the countings, sometimes it might pain as well. The little rocket of yours is likely to move after you have had something to eat, or are lying down – something that continues even after the birth.
  • You might be bursting into tears at the sight of anything and everything emotional. It’s common, and no, you are not getting depressed.
  • Food might be a focus- as always our advice is that you choose healthy options, unless it is an emotional crave.
  • The workload may seem a bit tad too much. Opt for some light work, since concentration could also be a problem. Discuss with your manager.
  • Labor fears – common, yes but why do you want to use your energies on fearing them? You would be alright, trust in yourself lady!

Your Baby at 30 Weeks:

  • He’s gearing up for the outside world, the breathing, skin, muscle, bones, neurons, digestion, everything is readying itself up.
  • Now looking like a cabbage and around 17 inches, this little one is inching closer to face the world.
  • Eyesight is developing – though babies on birth have only 20/400 vision, implying thus that they can see only a few inches from them.
  • The baby is unable to perform gymnastics, so is rotating in the womb – and mind you, he lies at whatever place he wants to.
  • The baby’s fingernails are almost full now – once he’s born you might have to check them closely so that they do not scratch their faces.

Things to Note:

  • We really hope your maternity leave is well discussed now.
  • Also that your hospital has been finalized, and your partner knows the way in and out – look for shortcuts to avoid that traffic rush.
  • The bag should be almost ready – not overpacked.
  • Pediatrician – the choice should be closed now.

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