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Pregnancy At 6 Weeks

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Week 6:

Well, this is a milestone, isn’t it? Half the distance to the first trimester is over baby!! Your baby has grown to a size of a sweet pea, (oh yeah, your sweetie pie) and the tube like heart has taken a form of a four chamber heart. Its beating at 100-160 BPM, well that’s faster than yours right now! On an average the baby is 5-6 mm in size. The head is relatively larger than the other body parts. The limbs have started forming, little folds can be seen which becomes face and jaw later. Ear canal, eyes and nose are beginning to form, and a beautiful face is in the forming. You sure want her to get that eyes of your mate that you so adore! However, this week you should take special care of yourself and protect from infections.

Physical and Emotional You

  • You might be feeling same as last week. Even more nausea, feeling sick and tired and the more sensitive to smell. Do not worry all this is natural and part of pregnancy.
  • You might experience headache, it’s better to avoid medicine, instead take a warm shower or an oil massage might be very relieving.
  • The urge to pee is quite frequent since the uterus is growing and pressing against the bladder. Some women experience increase in vaginal discharge but if it has a foul smell you must consult a doctor.
  • Many pregnant women feel they are salivating lot more, but this is temporary and subsides as the pregnancy progresses.
  • Breasts will become more tender and sensitive, the nipples would darken. The breast will become bluish due to engorgement of veins. Well, this is in line with the preparation for lactation.

Emotionally this is a big week for you. The reality of you being pregnant is sinking in and you might be feeling a lot happier and content. You still might be little apprehensive due to the risk of miscarriage, this is a common worry till 12 weeks.

Your Baby At  Weeks

The baby looks like a lentil or a sweet pea, but it won’t look like this for long. The limbs are forming so is the head and the skin. It has small dots which will form the beautiful eyes and the perfect nose. The cute smile is being constructed as the jaws are in the making. Though it’s small but it is making space for essential organs like kidney, liver, lungs. It has a thin layer of skin. This is the reason you feel a lot tired because the baby draws energy from you.

Things to Note

  • If you exercise, continue, but don’t stretch as before. You just have to maintain yourself. Keep in mind health of the baby and the mother is a top priority. Do consult a doctor before beginning any prenatal exercise.
  • Nausea and vomiting may lead to losing some weight, but soon you will start gaining weight.
  • Since you may be experiencing vomiting sensation quite frequently, it is advised to carry a box of ice cream or a sweet candy with you when you go out.
  • Avoid any toxins, chemicals, drugs, X –ray as it is risky and hinders to the embryonic growth and development.

Infections during pregnancy:

Prevention is better than cure. If you are pregnant, infections are more than a problem for you and the baby. Common infections during pregnancy are Cytomegalovirus infection or CMV,Toxoplasmosis,Listeria , and HIV. You should wash your hand with soap and water or use a hand sanitizer if water and soap is not available. You should wash your hand after using the washroom, before cooking. Always cook your food, do not have half cooked food. The body is low on immunity so you might get an infection. Avoid keeping pets at home, they also cause infections during pregnancy which you are not prone to otherwise. Try to keep away from people who are sick and avoid travelling.

Keeping these small tips handy and enjoy your pregnancy!

PS: Every baby grows differently in the womb and outside it. The information presented here is on generic terms, and it does not necessarily holds true for everyone.

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