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Pregnancy Loss Awareness Day

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Pregnancy loss is the worst thing that can ever happen to a parent. It can shatter all the dreams partners set for their unborn child. Grieving parents need support in such situations. When a miscarriage occurs, couples think that it is the end of the world for them. But that is not the truth. With support from others, they can overcome the grief and look to conceive again. Every year, so many miscarriages happen all over the world. So, it is important to stand up together and support these grieving parents for their loss. Keeping this cause in mind, Pregnancy Loss Awareness Day began on October 15, 2002.

How Pregnancy Loss Awareness Day Started

The Pregnancy Loss Awareness Day was first observed in the year 2002. It happened as a result of the movement by Lisa Brown, Robyn Bear, and Tammy Novak. However, observing Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month in October began with a proclamation from then US president Ronald Reagan in 1988. In 2020, 20 states signed the proclamation out of 50 states. Due to the efforts of the trio, Concurrent Resolution 222 was passed that supported the idea of observing National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day in the US House of Representatives. In 2016, all the 50 states in the US agreed to the proclamation and observed October 15 each year as National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.

How Pregnancy Loss Awareness Day is Observed

Here are some of the ways to celebrate Pregnancy Loss Awareness Day;

  1. Lighting Candles: Not only on October 15 but also in the whole month of October, grieving parents light up candles to remember their lost child. Also, some communities observe the occasion by lighting up the candles. The light from the candles makes the occasion memorable and beautiful. 
  2. Spread the Word: A lot of people in society are still unaware of the Pregnancy Loss Awareness Day. However, you can spread the word by publishing press releases. Also, you can distribute them to nearby communities. It will make people aware of the Pregnancy Loss Awareness Day.
  3. Tying Ribbons Around Trees: You can gather with your near and dear ones and find out trees where everyone will tie ribbons. These ribbons will commemorate the day and tell people the importance of observing Pregnancy Loss Awareness Day.

Importance of Celebrating Pregnancy Loss Awareness Day

Here is some of the significance of observing Pregnancy Loss Awareness Day;

  1. Supporting Grieving Parents: Pregnancy loss is a devastating thing. It can destroy parents mentally. In such situations, it is important to provide mental support to such grieving parents. It will provide them the will and support to handle such situations wisely.
  2. Easy To Communicate The Support: At times, people in the community want to convey their support. But, they fail to do so due to the lack of medium. This Pregnancy Loss Awareness Day can work a perfect medium to communicate the support a community wants to provide to the grieving parents. 
  3. Paying Respect To The Family Member: You need to realize that the infant died due to miscarriage was still a family member of that couple. So, it is important to pay tribute to the lost family member. While paying tribute, the supporters should understand the trauma the parents of the lost infant faces and support such parents accordingly.

Understanding Miscarriage

Parents should gather knowledge of miscarriage. Being aware of miscarriage can help them to avoid it. Miscarriage happens when a child dies in the womb of the mother with the 20th week of the pregnancy. A significant number of pregnancy cases end in miscarriage. Also, some pregnant women miscarry the child without even knowing it.

Symptoms of Miscarriage

Certain symptoms will indicate miscarriage for a pregnant woman. But, you should know that even after having symptoms for miscarriage, many women deliver healthy babies. However, if you see these signs and symptoms, you must consult with your doctor immediately. Here are some of the symptoms of miscarriage;

  • Severe to mild pain the back
  • Severe pain or camp in the abdomen
  • Heavy vaginal bleeding
  • Heavy spotting

Causes of Miscarriage

Here are some of the causes of miscarriage you should know;

  • Improper eating habit
  • Drinking too much alcohol
  • Smoking regularly
  • Suffering from thyroid or diabetes
  • Problems with maternal hormones
  • Taking illegal drugs

Here, you should know that the majority number of miscarriages occur due to the imbalance in maternal hormones.

Tips to Prevent Stillbirth

Here are some of the ways to prevent miscarriage;

  • Go for regular checkups with your doctor
  • Create a healthy eating habit
  • Create an active lifestyle
  • Sleep on the side
  • Inform the doctor about the medications you take
  • Stop consuming alcohol
  • Never smoke

Finally, Pregnancy Loss Awareness Day is a wonderful initiative to give support to grieving parents who suffered the loss of their child. Not every country observes Pregnancy Loss Awareness Day. But, the countries should adopt this special day to support the parents who suffered miscarriages. It will be an excellent way of providing support to grieving parents all over the world.

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