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Role Of Fathers' In Parenting

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Enjoy Fatherhood
Hey fathers, do not feel left out in parenting! Fathers and fatherhood may relatively young field of research, but sociologists have arrived in the fact that fathers are more than just the ‘second’ adults of the home. You actually have very important role-sharing with your wife/partner in raising your child. You did not bear the baby physically, but you do bear the responsibilities. You also went through your shares of emotional turbulence. You held to your ground, patiently cared for your love, made all the arrangements, and did your best! Well, congratulations Mister! Now that you are one, look up the following aspects of being a Rocking Dad!

  • Remember – Family First: See, this sounds easy but is very difficult to maintain in real life. The sense of it loses due to other priorities sometimes. This is the reason maybe you cannot find time for the family. Your priorities are set to ‘work first’ mode. Well, how about balancing the priorities? When you cannot find time to relax, obviously you are doing more work than you should; it is unbalanced that is.
    As now your office is involved in the equation, you need to see that your official reputation remains at its best as well. Now, consider this idea. Can you avoid extra work on the valid reason that too much work is hampering your family time? See, it is a valid and truthful reason. All you have to do is to hold your ground on this truth
  • The below tips will help:
    • Leave office on time; complete your deadlines within the day-hours window
    • Try cutting on coffee breaks and social engagements
    • Delegate work; do not take everything in your plate
    • Try impressing by the work done, not the number of hours spent in office
  • Impact on your child’s education:Research proves that children whose fathers are involved in their studies have better cognitive abilities and achieve better standards in education. Numerous studies find that an active and nurturing style of fathering is associated with better verbal skills, intellectual functioning, and academic achievement among children
  • Money is vital, but is not everything:It is nothing new to say! You know how it is. Money is very important, no doubt about it! However, when it is the only important thing in your life, then it is not a good thing at all. Consider the fact that all kinds of bad things in the society today are mainly done for money. Of course, it has amazing good values! It is the sense of safety of your family. It is about your personal confidence. Without money, nothing is happening, given!
    Then again, money is the tool to keep you happy, not happiness itself, because it has a way of corroding the mind. Hope you get the idea! Keeping everything in balance is vital. Spending time with the family is equally important as is working at the office. Your time management and the attitude towards money are interrelated, so to say
  • Be an amazing husband: The father is the man in the family. A real man respects and protects the personal space of his woman as well. Nowadays, very unfortunately, women are objectified! Most men also get into the same loop and tend to overlook the emotions of their partner. Hey, you need to keep her happy, emotionally and physically! Do not just get lost too much on the latter aspect as then the former is neglected! Help her in the ways she wants you to help.
    Fathers role in parenting
    Fathers are known to have many indirect influences on their children, and their relationship with their partners is one such huge influence. Unless parents have a great relation, the upbringing of the child is affected. A child gets influenced by his father and regards women the same way he sees his father regarding his mother. To groom individuals who respect and value woman, fathers hold a major role in their kitty
  • Be involved: Share the roles of raising your child. Your kid should have both parents helping him or her to grow. Maintain a good and protective level of communication with your child. Nowadays, life is full of sadness. Little ones have sensitive minds and they also get very sad sometimes. You need to do your best to help your child with the emotional issues. Always have time for family trips whenever possible. Go to movies, parks, and restaurants. If not every day, try at least a few days of the week to take your child to school, if necessary
  • role of fathers

  • Groom your child: Children whose fathers are a part of their growing up are found to be more emotionally secure and confident. They also have the psychological understanding of differentiating good from bad. A number of studies suggest they also are more sociable and popular with other children throughout early childhood. Fathers who play with their children often end up raising adults who can control their emotions. It has been observed that where fathers often push achievement and performance and mothers nurture, both of which are important to healthy development

Keep your priorities right, and the rest soon falls to place.

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