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Schizophrenia In Children: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

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Schizophrenia In Children
While you are really bothered about the Child schizophrenia, remember that you are not alone. Get that courage and take care of your child well as every other mother does. It is with little patience and cautious nature, you can make your life less miserable.  Now you are going to know about the early schizophrenia in the children.

What is Child Schizophrenia?

It is a mental disorder occurring in the children. This starts early and in between from 7 to 13 years of age. When compared to severity, it is like the adult schizophrenia. The problems of these children include behavior and emotional problems. Also, they have different hallucinations, delusions, and many other extreme disorders. All these severely impact the ability of the children.

Is Childhood Schizophrenia Common?

No, the appearance of schizophrenia before age 12 is very rare. However, for some adults who develop schizophrenia in adulthood, some early warning signs are exhibited in the latter half of childhood itself. Therefore, it is important to not overlook the characteristic warning signs (even though it is quite difficult to point out it in early stages) of this mental disorder.
Schizophrenia is a chronic condition that necessitates a lifelong treatment. Therefore, identifying this condition as early as possible and starting treatment as soon as possible will significantly influence the outcome.

What Causes Schizophrenia In Children?

The reasons for the cause of Schizophrenia are just not known. However, the researchers are very clear that it could be the same reasons as adults get it. Yet times, the environment and as well genetics of the parents and their brain chemistry together contribute to these sorts of disorders in the children.

Risk Factors For COS (Childhood-Onset Schizophrenia)

The exact reason for the cause of Childhood-Onset schizophrenia is still unknown. But there are some risk factors that can potentially trigger this condition. Here are some risk factors for COS:

  • A previous family history of schizophrenia.
  • Age of the father. Older the father, the risk of contracting schizophrenia increases.
  • Increased activation of the immune system is another factor that contributes COS
  • If the brain development is affected during any phase of the pregnancy or due to any other birth complications, the child has a risk of contracting this disorder.
  • Malnutrition and another impact of the toxins in the body of the mother are also the risk factors.
  • It is in the teen years, if you are taking any sort of mind-altering drugs, these might still impact the growing child in the pregnancy.

Complications With Schizophrenia

The complications include:

  • Suicidal attempts: Attempts to commit suicide or increased suicidal thoughts in the children. It is because of the depression
  • Self-injury: The children with schizophrenia even cause self-injury
  • Disorders: They will be prone to anxiety disorders. There are even many other disorders the child will contract due to this condition, like, obsessive-compulsive disorder and panic disorders.
  • Unable To Attend School: They exhibit aggressive behavior and loved to be socially isolated. These children will easily get into conflicts and victimized as well. Therefore, they don’t like to go to school.
  • Addiction To Unhealthy Habits: These children can easily get attracted to drugs, tobacco and get into severe health and other medical problems.

When To Approach A Doctor?

The signs of schizophrenia starts to build up very slowly. the early signs of schizophrenia can be indistinguishable. Pay attention to any kind of unnatural behavior from your child. All of the following are the factors which might trigger some problem with them and surely need medical attention. Never hesitate to consult the doctor:

  • If the child exhibit developmental delays like language and poor motor development.
  • When the child has bizarre ideas or has aggressive behavior.
  • If the child refuses or shows no interest in socializing
  • If they exhibit strange fears.
  • If the child claims to hear and see things that are not actual or real
  • If the child is confused with his or her dreams and has excessive suspicion always.
  • If you found there are some odd eating rituals.
  • If your child shows inappropriate or lack of emotions.
  • If you feel that they are not performing well academically and find it hard to meet the daily needs like bathing, dressing, etc.

Diagnosis Of Schizophrenia

The diagnosis of schizophrenia is always challenging, and doctors will be checking for the affective disorders related to psychotic symptoms. If there are any pervasive developmental disorders, it will be easy for doctors to recognize the same. While few children have the personality disorders, doctors will be checking for the social withdrawal and as well communication impairment and those who are not able to do the proper eye contact.

Treatment Of Schizophrenia In Children

As a treatment for this medical condition, you need to take the child to the psychiatrist and psychologist and they will be giving the right treatment. They will also suggest what the family members need to do with the child when the kid is not happy. There are even social workers and psychiatric nurses who are ready to look over them.

How to Take Care of Children with Schizophrenia?

This is the medical condition where the child must take the lifelong treatment. It is here one should be very patient. There will be many unwanted side effects, and all these will be leading to a lot of confusions. Try to always motivate the child and this helps you to learn about the condition without fail. Check out the different group of people who are facing the same problems. Approach them and find out what works for them better. Never hesitate to get the professional help from the experts to ease your stress. Put the treatment goals in mind and make sure to work towards them.
Take the children and go as a family to many recreational activities to ease your life. Stay strong and create yourself some me-me time to ensure your health as well. There is different housing support which one can get from the social groups. Be patient and things will slowly get settled and come your way.

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