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Sexual Positions During Pregnancy

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Sex Positions During Pregnancy

Try Out New Sex Positions During Pregnancy

This is a very commonly asked question by soon-to-be-parents whether they can have sex during pregnancy or not. The answer is definitely yes. But it does depend on the readiness of both the partners, both emotionally and physically. Women undergo huge physical changes during this period. Pregnancy might make you feel sexier than ever or might make you feel highly uninterested in such physical intimacy.

In many cases it is seen that the sexual drive gets completely diminished during the earlier few weeks. However, after a few weeks a woman is likely to get sexually aroused, after having understood the changes in her body. It is absolutely safe to have sex during pregnancy and it would not cause any harm either to the baby or the mother. However, it is best to take doctor’s advice in case of any cramps, pains or unnecessary bleeding.

Pregnancy makes the body of a woman large and this makes her uncomfortable while having sex. While this is a bodily change, mentally also women becomes more caring towards developing their child inside more than securing their relation with their partners. Some of the positions that might be of interest are-

Getting On The Top– The abdomen does not feel any pressure and the penetration can be controlled by a women.

Sitting Down Lovemaking- Again, no pressure or weight on the uterus and penetration levels can be controlled by standing up or squatting down.

Lying Sideways – Again, the weight is off uterus and there is absolutely no pressure on the abdomen.

Spoons Position – Ideal for shallow penetration, when deep penetration becomes uncomfortable.

Doggy Style– Being on your hands and knees, you could have deep penetration in this position. A pillow between your bottom, and his lower abdomen will make not push too far inside you if you find deep penetration uncomfortable.

Oral Sex – Apart from blowing air into the vagina, your partner and you can take a dig at oral sex too.

Anal Sex– Considered probably safe, anal sex also requires some cautions. It can make your hemorrhoids bleed, and always remember to wash and clean when going from anal to vaginal sex- lest harmful bacteria enter your body and cause some serious harm.

Getting sexually close might not be that fun what it used to be earlier for some people, though some people enjoy trying new positions and styles. But it needs to be understood that mutual understanding and open discussion with your partner might help both of you to go through these nine months smoothly. You and your partner should always keep open your lines of communication so that you can discuss your needs and wants clearly to one another. A 2010 study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine found that 41.5 percent of women said they felt less attractive or sensual while pregnant—but 75 percent said their partners did not find them any less desirable. But, if a pregnant woman does not seem to be interested in sex, her guy may back off and not pressure her. And on many occasions it is heard that women want sex more than ever during their pregnancy, whereas their male counterparts are not that interested in having pregnancy sex. Just like every relation is different from the other, every pregnancy is also different from the other. Lastly, men should not feel left out or jealous about being isolated because it is your child she is raising inside. Men need to be a little empathic and understanding towards their partner’s needs because it takes just a little foreplay to jumpstart your partner’s arousal.

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