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Shin Guards For Kids

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Sports are very crucial for kids. They not only keep the body fit but also help them to re-energize their mind. While playing a sport, its common for the kids to meet several injuries. So, as being the coach or parents of children, it is important to make them wear proper guards and gear of the particular sport.

shin guard

What Are Shin Guards?

While playing a different kind of various sports guards like a mouth guard, elbow pad, batting helmet, the hockey stick is used so that they can protect different body parts accordingly. Shin guard is used to protecting shins from any kind of injury in shins while playing sports. The players wear it in front of shin to protect it from any injury while playing sports like cricket, hockey, baseball, bike trails, and football. The shin guard was first worn by the players of cricket.

How Should Shin Guards Fit Kids?

  1. To make sure that the shin guard is perfect for the kids, always prefer the size chart.
  2. Choose a shin guard that almost covers up the whole shin area and also make sure that it is 2″ below the knee.

Do Shin Guards Go Under Or Over Socks?

Guards who have no ankle protection built-in them are always worn over the socks. Shin guards that already have ankle protection built-in them will always wear over the socks. Therefore it depends upon whether the shin guard has ankle protection built in them or not, and thus, we decide whether to put shin guards over the socks or under the socks.

What Are The Best Youth Soccer Shin Guards?

The main factor is while buying a shin guard you have to consider the size and shape and also the position of the player. Therefore there also exist types of shin guards too. Therefore while buying shin guards, the major factors are the player’s position, size, and shape.

1.      Slip In Shin Guards

If you are an advanced player, then you should choose these types of shin guards. It gives freedom of great mobility and motion.

2.      Ankle Shin Guards

The younger and intermediate player should adopt these kinds of shin guards. Ankle protection in these shin guards is removable.

3.      Strap Shin Guards

It provides great protection and is worn under the socks.

4.      Sleeve Shin Guards

It is kind of a traditional shin guard which is worn under the sleeves, and all the protection and guard work is done by sleeve under which you will wear these guards.

What Types Of Shin Guards Are The Best?

There are three categories of shin guard: slip in, ankle, and shin socks. Every category has its own work and depends upon your child’s position in the game and also on your child’s style of playing the game.

Top 10 Kids Shin Guards

1.      DokpavShin Guards

Perfect shin guards for beginners which do not contain any shin pads. These shin guards are unisex and can be worn by girls or women and boys or males. The double-layer mesh in these guards makes it easy to wore and is breathable too.

2.      GonexShin Pads

Gonex shin pads can be worn by youth boys and men. It avoids the sweat on your shins and helps the protective guard stay in their place. The sleeves are comfortable, breathable, and have ultimate elasticity. They are easy to wash and comfortable to wear.

3.      Adidas Guards

These tough Adidas guards are perfect for any hard and tough game. The guards are manufactured using five-piece constructions which guarantee the best protection. The material used also allows the air to pass, and therefore these shin guards are breathable and comfortable to wear.

4.      Youth Soccer Shin Guards

These youth soccer shin guards are for kids. They are easy to wear and do not bother kids while they play. The bones of younger kids are fragile enough to break easily, and therefore some sort of protection is needed. It also decreases the pain of bones while playing soccer for the first time.

5.      Koova Shin Guards

Koova shin guards provide high strength and comfort together. They are designed with flexible straps and are easy to wear. They are comfortable enough and are breathable too. It can be worn during sports, like table tennis, cycling, and different cycling games.

6.      Huidali Shin Guards

Wear these comfortable shin guards and wear your socks on them. They are made using a soft lining, which makes them more comfortable while wearing. Easy to clean and simply wash them with water.

7.      COCOCITY Soccer Shin Guards

They are very comfortable to wear and protect your lower leg very easily. COCOCITY soccer shin guards are made up of polyester fiber. It is easy to clean, super soft, and is very comfortable for long practice hours too.

8.      Sport out Youth & Adult Soccer Shin Guards

Being unisex, these shin guards are very comfortable when worn. It is manufactured using polypropylene and EVA foam, which is easy to maintain and easy to wash and clean. Sport out Youth & adult soccer shin guards are breathable and keep you comfortable for long hours.

9.      Qchomee1 Pair Shin Guard

These shin guards are made using a protective hard shell, which always keeps your shins safely from any kind of injury during sports and exercise. It is manufactured using a highly protective PP panel and EVA foam padding.

10.  Pair Soccer Shin Guards  

Pair soccer shin guards are made for kids who keep their fragile shin bones from any kind of injury o jerk. It is also a good start of shin guards for beginners who have just started playing football. They are light weighted and, therefore, easy to wear. Pair soccer shin guards are very comfortable and are breathable. They are easy to maintain and easy to clean and wash.

Some Last Words

These are some of the popular shin guards. There are specially designed shin guards for martial arts like karate, taekwondo, etc.  Go through the pros and cons of these different options and choose the best option for your kid. This guard will totally protect your kid from injuries and will allow them to play freely.

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