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Sleep When Your Baby Dozes Off

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Sleep When Your Baby Is Sleeping

Sleep When Your Baby Is Sleeping

We always hear new mothers cribbing about their condition of sleep deprivation. Their babies keep them so busy and involved that they have a hard time to take proper sleep for long hours at a stretch. It is best for the mothers to co-ordinate their sleep with their baby’s sleep. When the baby sleeps, it is best to sleep along with him/her. The sleep- wake cycle helps in building strong bonding between mother and baby.
The job of a mother gets all the more tiring, when she has to look after the house. The urge to clean the house and to keep everything in a organized manner makes it difficult for a mother to choose between sleep and cleaning the mess, when she has free time. It is better for the mother to opt for sleep rather than cleaning the mess, because sleep is very important for relaxing the exhausted mind and the body. It is very normal for the newborns to wake up at frequent intervals during night as they have not adapted any routines. Their tiny tummies make them feel hungry often, hence they generally do not sleep for They develop proper sleeping routine after 6 months, so it is obvious for mothers to be sleep deprived during starting months after pregnancy.
Being sleep deprived can have negative affects such as
– Lack of sleep lead to depression and major mood swings. It is better to complete your sleep when you have free time rather than engaging yourself in other work.

– Lack of sleep can lead to nervous breakdown, new mothers especially need to look after their sleep because they have to take care of a new life and for that they need patience and energy, which can be restored by undisturbed sleep.

– Sleepless mind blocks the possibilities of thinking actively.

– The risk of postpartum depression is high, due to lack of sleep and it can affect the mother’s parenting.

Mothers need to understand that sleep is equally important for health just like eating nutritious food. Adequate sleep is necessary for healthy and fresh start. It is not possible for the mothers to sleep without any disturbance at night because babies have to be fed at short intervals especially new born. Therefore, it is important to catch up your sleep whenever your baby is asleep or you have a helping hand to look after the house or your baby.

Ways to overcome your sleep deprivation-
– Take naps during day time, when your baby sleeps. Like this you can relax your body and mind. Forget the mess around, as it can be taken care of when you are rejuvenated after good nap.

– During weekend, ask your husband to look after the baby while you can cover up your lost sleep. Or you can ask your family or close ones to help you.

– Make sure, your baby sleep’s soundly so that you too can have a good sleep. Feed the baby well, a nice bath before making them sleep, make them wear comfortable cloths, so that they sleep with comfort and without any disturbance.

– Curb your urge to clean does not mean that you neglect your house or hygiene completely. First priority when you have free time should be getting adequate amount of sleep. If you feel you are active, then clean up the mess. It is important to look after your health.

– while you plan up for a nap with your baby, make sure you have set your mobile on silent mode, so that you and your baby sleeps without disturbance.

Deep and good sleep, helps in restoring the supply of neurotransmitter that allows to maintains stability of nervous system and communicates it with the rest of the body. Ask you partner to help you and support you through all this, with his physical and emotional support, you can cope up with sleep deprivation and its negative affects. Always remember, if you are stressed and disturbed, your baby will also be disturbed and chances of his being neglected will be high. Along with nutritious food, sleep should be equally taken care of. Sleep when you find free time. Only a happy and a healthy mother can raise a happy and a healthy baby.

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