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Spend This Valentine With Your Children Doing This!

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Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love and what better way to celebrate this day than spending it with your children. We bring you 8 super fun and exciting activities you can do with your children to make Valentine’s Day even more special.
Baby holding small heart

8 Fun And Easy Valentine’s Day Activities For Your Child

  1. Hand-made cards and letters: There is nothing more special than a handmade card made by your little baby. Get some chart papers, colors, stickers and pens and sit down with your children to make cards and write notes and letters for each other. This will get your kids all excited and make Valentines a special day. Encourage your kids to write about their feelings and special moments. Help your kids to draw out their special memories. Such activities help the kids to be more expressive and will also help your get valuable insight on your children
  2. DIY gifts: Who says Valentine’s Day is about expensive dinners and over priced gifts and chocolates? Set up a table, get a bunch of papers, glitter, glue and ribbons and make DIY gifts for each other. You can make paper mache and origami articles with your kids. Just initiate the process and your kids will lead the way. Put their arts and crafts sessions to test and have some good old family time this Valentines
  3. Making a family tree: A family tree is a fun way of teaching your kids your ancestry. Kids often get confused with maternal and paternal relatives and making a family tree will help them understand the family and distinguish the family members. You could draw it out for your children and ask children to paste pictures of your relatives and color the family tree. It can be a fun and learning process and you could frame it and put it up in your child’s room as a special Valentine’s Day memory
  4. Movie time: If you are too lazy for arts and crafts and want a simple yet super fun way to spend Valentine’s day with your children what better way than to watch a movie. You could take your kids out to the movie theatre to watch a movie of their choice. Or you could turn your living room into a mini theatre. Throw a couple of cushions around, get some popcorn and snacks and watch a fun movie with your kids. Choose a good animated or a happy movie and have a gala time with your family
  5. Outdoor picnics: Make your kids feel extra special on Valentine’s Day and arrange for a picnic. Kids get extremely happy and even appreciate the fact that you have stepped out of your cozy home just for them. You could take them to an amusement park, circus show, aquarium or even the play zone in the mall. You could even arrange a picnic in the park. Anything and anyplace that makes your kid happy is the best option to spend Valentine’s Day with your kids
  6. Cook it up!: Unlike adults kids are over enthusiastic and love to help around in the kitchen. Make use of this enthusiasm and make Valentine’s Day a ‘Family Cooking Day’. It doesn’t mean you have to sit around in the kitchen all day cooking your family’s favourite meal. It about letting your kid’s in the kitchen and making a fun, yummy and relatively less messy dish. You can make canapés, sev puri, tacos, nachos and other such hassle-free and easy dishes. You can even bake a cake, cupcakes and brownies and let your kids do the icing and frosting bit. Your kids are going to absolutely love this activity and learn something new in the process
  7. Indoor games: If you really can’t think of anything creative or interesting one of the best activities to indulge in with your kids on Valentine’s Day is to play indoor games. Bring out the monopoly, jenga and checkers and set the mood for the day. You could whip up some snacks and even invite your kid’s friends and have a fun day of board games, play station or the good old carom
  8. Make it a family day: You don’t have to be extravagant to spend Valentine’s Day with your loved ones. In the end this day is about celebrating love and cherishing loved ones. Spending quality time with your kids is more valuable than spending money. Be it any activity you pick just make sure you and your kids are a having a good time and you will be surprised how much your children will appreciate you for this gesture

Valentine Day activities
Have a splendid, love filled Valentine’s Day!

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