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Is It Safe To Eat Sushi While Breastfeeding?

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After your delivery, your diet still needs to be nutritious and healthy because whatever you eat reaches your baby through breast milk. So it is necessary that you continue to be careful of that what you eat. If you are someone who has been craving for Sushi all through your pregnancy and waiting to deliver the baby so that you can indulge in this yummy delicacy then you must be wanting to know if Sushi is in “safe to eat” or “stay away” list for a breastfeeding mom. Sushi is one delicious food that all people love indulging in but whether this is safe for you while you are breast feeding is something that most moms fear. If you are a sushi lover then there is good news for you. If eaten in moderation, sushi is considered to be safe for breastfeeding mommies.
eating sushi during breastf

What Is Sushi?

Sushi is a Japanese preparation that is made with vinegared rice and tossed with a variety of ingredients including topical fruits, seafood that is raw and veggies. Although the ingredients can be varied, all kinds of sushi have brown or white rice as its base. With umpteen ingredients, sushi is extremely nutritious and contains considerable quantities of minerals and vitamins. Sushi contains

    • Thin sheets of Seaweed called Nori that is rich in iodine
    • Ginger that has ample amount of antioxidants, minerals and compounds. Ginger has various antiseptic properties that can help to keep a lot of infections at baby
    • Sea food is also packed with omega 3 fatty acids apart from selenium
    • Soya sauce that is loaded with sodium and rich in protein, magnesium, iron and potassium
    • It has fish that contains ample amount of niacin, omega 3 and vitamin D
    • The rice that is a main body of any form of sushi is a rich in carbohydrate. Sushi rice are also gluten free, making them a great alternative for people who have wheat allergies

In majority of cases, sushi is perfectly safe for you to indulge while breastfeeding

Precautions To Be Taken While Eating Sushi During Breastfeeding

Sushi is all the same regarded as raw food that has all risks of containing bacteria that are food borne like e.coli and listeria. These bacteria can cause infections, so you need to be quite careful while eating sushi. It can trigger diarrhea and even vomiting and if it is severe, it can even lead to dehydration in the breastfeeding mom and that can be dangerous.
Given below are some simple tips that can be followed while eating sushi in order to ensure there is no contamination while eating the same.

    • Ensure that the hotel or restaurant that you plan eating in or ordering sushi from is hygienic in every sense of the word. Eat from a reputable place to avoid any kind of infections
    • If you are preparing sushi at home take care to ensure you clean all the surfaces that are used in preparing raw food thoroughly with an anti-bacterial solvent
    • Make sure you clean your hands thoroughly before and after you handle raw fish and meat
    • If you prefer eating salmon, it would be advisable to choose the organic or wild grown variety
    • On the other hand if you prefer canned tuna fish, select the chunk light tuna fish has lower traces of mercury compared to the solid albacore variety

woman eating sushi

  • Ensure you check the expiry dates before purchasing canned or tinned fish
  • Take care to see that your refrigerator is cleaned on a regular basis and ensure that the temperature remains at 40F or lower
  • Raw fish like swordfish, yellow tail, mackerel and shark are best avoided even in sushi as they contain high levels of mercury that may be harmful for you and your baby
Who Is The Best Person To Advice You Whether Eating Sushi Is Safe During Breastfeeding
  • Your Gynecologist: Your gynecologist who attended your birth would be one of the best people to advice you about how safe sushi is during breast feeding period
  • Lactation Consultants: They are experts about breastfeeding and are ideal people who can tell you all you need to know about eating sushi while lactating
  • Nutritionists: These people are also a good back up to lactation consultants and gynecologists. They can provide you with the perfect advice about how safe eating sushi is and how much of it should be consumed
How To Include Sushi In Your Diet When Breastfeeding

Given below are some wonderful and simple sushi preparations that would be ideal during this phase.
This includes Mexican Sushi, simple sushi devoid of mat, salmon nigiri sushi, spicy tuna roll, California roll, veg sushi rolls , egg and pesto sushi to name a few of them.
You can find wonderful recipes for breastfeeding moms that make it perfectly safe to eat Sushi during this period. If you are apprehensive about raw fish, you can just prepare vegetarian sushi which would be a great change. Add a topping of wasabi and ginger for lip smacking flavor and taste.
Whatever you eat, make sure your doctor gives you a green signal before you indulge in it. Most doctors are ok with breast feeding moms eating sushi, so relax and begin eating this nutritious food even if you are breastfeeding as it does contain all kinds of useful minerals and compounds that are necessary for both you and your baby.
If you are a sushi lover, we hope this post is of help to you. Do share your experience of having sushi when breastfeeding in the comments section below.

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