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The Baby : Week 10

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Not only does your baby entertain you, he also wants to be entertained.

This is the time for rattles and finger puppets! Your baby has become more interactive, and entertaining, and wants to be entertained too. Having a baby is wonderful, but at times parents are liable to feel distressed and almost in tears – owing to the time that babies take away from your daily hours.

Your Baby:

The baby likes to be talked to, and also wants to be entertained. Hand over a rattle and be amused at the way he shakes it. Or, if you are creative, make colourful finger puppets and let them dance. You should also stretch your baby gently around this time – clapping his hands, crossing his legs and arms, and let him enjoy his bath. You can also move his legs in cycling motion. You might notice a lot of saliva at the bibs, but no neither is your baby teething, nor is he craving chocolates. His feed of milk (breast or bottle) has enough nutrients to keep in the energy coming and stimulating his growth patterns. He might be sleeping a bit longer in the nights now, and will also learn to twist – why, you have a rocking week ahead. His tummy time will see a lot of stretching and he will try to balance his weight on his arms – though there is time for that. He will also be more attentive, and might concentrate and focus when he is spoken to. He will also babble, as a response when someone is addressing him

His neck is gaining strength and his head will become less wobbly. The baby will also start recognising his maa and paa and other people who spend a lot of time with him. The baby will also have a schedule of his own by now, you can look for signs when he wants to be fed, cleaned or put to sleep. You will have to adjust your schedule as per his timings of sleep. If the baby has been burping up milk, mention this to your paediatrician.

You, Mama:

Finding a day care might be your lifeline now, if you plan to resume work. Rest on people’s experiences, and follow the word of mouth. If you are still torn and are not able to arrive on a decision, talk to your manager about extended leave.

You might also be feeling as if you have no time for yourself. Occasionally bursting into tears is okay, and does not make you a bad parent. Somehow, parenting is often depicted as a priceless joy, which it is, but it also has some moments of anguish and depression. Speak to your partner about how you are feeling. Do not let such feelings impact you negatively instead, seek out a coffee break with friends while the little one is in his dreamland. You could also ask your husband to watch the baby for longer intervals when he is home.

P.S. We suggest a quiet breakaway, a spa would be actually nice, while he hubby attends to the baby. Also, squeeze in a few romantic moments – will make you feel happy.

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