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The Baby : Week 11

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The baby will be more alert, and will flash lovely smiles

Aren’t you amazed by the fact that you fall in love with your sweetie pie again and again – even though he manages to squeeze out the last micro-joules of energy as well from you? Its 3 months and you have probably struck a bonding with your baby, and are also aware of the personality that this little thing possesses, even at this age. That’s the thing about babies – they change everyday, and make each day worthy of living.

Your Baby:

There is a reason why peek-a-boo is so famous – it’s the baby’s favourite game! The baby would love simple, little interactions, and enjoys them thoroughly. Sing to him, talk, play, he loves all the fun and likes his maa daa to be close. This can be called as his “brain feed”- since his brain is making vital developments at this age. He will smile and giggle and laugh and coo – all this while he enjoys the play. He also signals when he has had enough or wants a change. Look for him turning his head away or closes his eyes – telling you that play time is over.

He will also show you signs of exhaustion – and if the baby is not put to sleep during his “sleep window” time, chances are that the baby will become overtired, irritated and exhausted. Look if he is yawning – now he will- or looking pale with reddened eyes. If he loves to be cuddled, cuddle him away to dreamland but place him on the cot when he is tired, and sleepy, but not yet sleeping.

The baby might be able to keep his head steady for a little while now, and enjoys it when you sing or talk to him. He has arrived on definite routines now, and might be on a 5 feeds per day schedule. Sometimes, the baby might seem hungry, or may not look satiated, but do not jump to any other feed at this time- no matter what others may say. The baby’s digestive system is too mature to digest solids, and cow’s milk is also a big no. Stick to your routine of combining breast and formula feeds, and that’s all your little one needs to develop.

You’re and your partner’s DNA is also making up his personality and temperament. You would see occasional signs that will look like your own personality reflections. A warm caring and nurturing atmosphere will help your baby grow into a matured adult.

You, Mama

You would have finalised your mind – and a day care if you are resuming work. If you have decided to take a break, it is equally good. Bear in mind that whatever you decide, you should regret later on. Also, consensus between partners is equally important when taking major decisions. Since your baby would consume most of your time, keep the communication window open with your partner, and it’s okay to leave the baby in the care of a family member and spend some private moments with your partner, boosting your relationship and love.

P.S. Rest assured, plant this firmly in your mind – whatever you decide for your baby, is the best for him

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