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The Baby : Week 5

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This week is marked with sounds and tummy time. Coos, gurgles, sighs, and so many other sounds will add up in your dictionary. The baby’s out developing a language of his own, and you need to play it along. Respond to this coos and ahs, and the baby will love the attention you give him. He gives a bit of freedom now, you can work around the room and be cooey and baby talking and signing to him.
Your Baby:
He’s probably developed a schedule, and is pretty much sticking to it. The new sounds are a welcome mode of communication. Conversations with the baby are very important, it helps develop the language skills, and of course the first maaas and the daaas. He can also hold your gaze now, and he loves the attention his parents give him. Tummy time is a must, and your baby can now hold her head for more than a few seconds now. Sleep Back. Play Tummy. This should be your thumb rule. He’s probably sleeping 15-16 hours per day, takes in 8-12 breast feeds or about 5-7 formula feeds, wetting at least 5-6 diapers a day and passing soft bowels around 2-3 times. Yes, he’s alright. Still, if you have anything to talk about, make the call to the doctor, and avoid baby milestones competitions. The dandruff like thing in his head is normal, not to worry. Just keep his head cool and dry (yours too!) The baby has settled down in the new room and at many times is playing with himself wondering what his hands and feet are for! Oh yes, sounds adorable!
You, Mama
You are able to move around a little, those short walks with the baby can be really helpful. You are still feeding the baby, so the body is working a lot, keep the calories coming in and also be slightly wary of the tummy. For any exercise, first take a go ahead from your doctor. Notice if your baby has any allergies, he might not be happy with the mango custard you had yesterday. Remember, whatever you eat gets passed on to the baby. Be alert. If you are working, your maternity leave would still be valid, while your hubby has taken the office route. Nice to have a help around the house, so do make space for one. If you have in-laws, or parents living with you, great, else hire someone.
It’s a month now, and your dream baby is still not in the sight. Happens with everyone. Advices would be flowing from all corners of the world, and you are yourself information packed. No need to store everything, heard about filtered hearing, anyone? You might be having exchanges with older members of the house on baby issues, but trust your gut. You are the mother, you know it the best.
P.S. You will soon be resuming your sex life, though you need to take it slow. And if you feel you have put on a lot of weight that too can be managed with exercise, but only after a medical expert advises you to. Be a Mother, not a Doctor.

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