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The Baby : Week 8

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The baby is developing his brain at a crazy speed!

The baby’s skills are developing at a crazy pace, he can now make hand eye co-ordination with quite some ease. He seems to be your new teacher, and you are learning something every day, just like him. His being more receptive to sounds and colours will charm and entice you, and he now feels free and comfortable with Dad, or Grandma, if they are around.

Your Baby:

With a lot going on, his brain is expanding, and getting increasingly complex. In the first three months, the brain will grow about 5cms. The baby’s active now and responds to sounds and is playful at times. His tryst with hands and feet continue and many new discoveries are on their way. He is awake and alert, quickly moving his eyes at a sound that he likes. He likes to be talked to, so whether you introduce the outside world to him or tell him about how his Dad his, he is all so interested. Though he doesn’t make any sense out of the conversations, he loves your voice; and why not, he has been hearing it even before he was born! He engages himself in your conversation, by letting out ooos and coos. He has also given a face to your voice, and knows who’s the Daddy and the Granny. You will know when he wants to change the topic (Ha!) and will move his head away or be squeamish. He likes a lot of colour now, with many patterns and hues, and also enjoys tracking movements of a ball or a cloth. He needs to be burped, since he is probably ending up swallowing air while taking a feed, no matter how careful you have been. Be sure that this is happening the least, and take all precautionary steps. When breastfeeding, the baby’s lips should form a tight seal far back on your areola, and if bottle fed, it should be at a 45-degree angle from the nipple so that no air gets squeezed in.

You, Mama

While on maternity leave now, the thought of joining back and figuring out the rest of things is driving you crazy. If you plan to resume work, try to cut out on baby’s time, sort of one hour each day and slowly increase the intervals. This way the baby will not get hugely disturbed at your long absences from home. Make sure he spends some time with the caregiver or Granny so that he gets used to the idea of being with someone other than you. You can also plan his outing now, it’s safe to introduce him to the world and have a short day out. You could also catch up on lost time with your partner, sex being your call. If you have started to exercise, keep it coming but keep it slow. 9 months of weight is not going to go in 5 weeks.

P.S. A quiet lunch (when the baby is probably sleeping, and is watched by Granny) with your husband might again make you catch up on lost time. Hold hands and just reminisce how close you have become now with this new addition in your life. Romance is in the air, Mommy!

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