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The Baby : Week 9

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The baby learns to focus and improves hand eye co-ordination

Well, we know how often you are falling in love with this cute little thing, and how you are even able to decode some of the cries now. The baby is now the centre of your life, and even though he keeps you exhausted and tired, you just cannot imagine a second without him. That’s the thing about babies – you just cannot get enough of them.

Your Baby:

The baby is developing increasing skills, and is gaining weight and length both. His joints on the hips and legs are also getting stronger, and he will enjoy pushing the cot, your lap, and has discovered his hands and soothes himself by sucking his thumbs. He can recognise faces now, and his eyesight is also developing, so more often his eyes follow your trail around the room and in the direction of your voice. He may also be able to balance his head onto your shoulder for a few seconds, however, you still need to be careful. He is more alert now, and his focus and hand-eye co-ordination is also improving. All babies develop from head to toe, implying that eyesight is a first, then smile, learn to balance the head, control their hands and so on and so forth. He will probably be awake for ten hours, but this is not a rule. Around this week, during tummy time, the baby will lift his head up, and though it will be only for a very short time, it will increase gradually. He is also developing his vocabulary – so speak what you’d like to hear!

Your baby might be crying more than ever in this week, not to worry, and as long as the baby is being fed, cleaned and is waddled off to sleep at regular intervals, there is nothing to worry. Since there is no certain reasons why babies cry, especially towards the evenings, you could try soothing him by walking, swaddling, or even cuddling. Try not to overtire your baby and make up a bedtime ritual that works for both of you.

He may also become quiet when he hears too many voices, and once he hears yours, he may chuckle!

You, Mama

The big day of either resuming or leaving work is near, and you have probably made your decision. Also, your first postnatal appointment has been done by now. If you are breastfeeding, please be aware that you can continue to do so during office hours and legislation supports this. Most mothers arrive on a combination of bottle and breast feeds, making the beat of both alternatives. Look for additional help for housework and if you have planned to leave the baby in a crèche, do finalise t by now. Also, cut your baby hours gradually so that the baby learns to adapt your absence. You are also being constantly advised on many things – from feeding to handling the baby, your work, and relationship. Try to stay calm and raise your baby the way you find fit. Parenting is as simple as you want it, and everyone arrives at their own theories on raising kids. Be confident that whatever you are doing, is the best for the baby and you.

P.S. The baby probably sleeps for a longer, uninterrupted period in the night. Do take advantage of this time.

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