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The Maa & Ma’am Dilemma

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To be a working mother or to be a stay at home Mom??

Have you heard about the Maa & Ma’am Dilemma? Well let us explain –

 At the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, a notable change took place in the existing domestic setup. The massive growth of industries required an equally big workforce. Women came out of the confines of their homes and began working for economic benefits. Till that point in time, the economic sphere was a domain dominated by men. The World Wars placed renewed emphasis on the working women.

Today, working women are a common sight. At times, this puts tremendous pressure on them as they have to balance both their domestic duties and professional lives. This gets more complex if a woman enters motherhood. The demands of the baby, coupled professional stress and pressures can really take a toll on women.

Feminists would argue that there is no rule that prohibits working women to be mothers. However, a few would debate the fact that a new born requires specialized care and extensive lookup. At times, working women may find it difficult to carry out both the tasks with equal perfection Thus, many choose to leave their professions and focus on raising a family. But if you do not wish to set your career aside, then here is a guide that would help you.

The Balance Factor

In the initial stages of their life, babies require extreme care and supervision. This is the time when the earliest developments take place. Any lapse can lead to long lasting effects on the baby. After the expiration of maternity leave, many women face the dilemma of resuming work – they feel torn between their career aspirations and family responsibilities. This is more pertinent when they do not have a sound support system at home. One way could be extension of your maternity leave without any professional benefits – which could give you another couple of months to look after the baby. The following tips would help your raise your baby better without compromising your career.

  • Make the baby the centre of your universe – the baby’s requirement should be a priority. Get your family to help you and build a holistic growth environment. There is no harm in asking your in-laws or parents to stay with you! Continue to work, but the focus should be the baby.
  • Engage your spouse for household chores while you make up on the lost time with the baby.
  • Ensure timely feeding for the baby – This is of foremost importance. You can have the formula prepared and leave it with the parents or caretaker. Ensure that the baby is fed on time and properly. A short trip to home in between lunch time could even ensure a breastfeed and some baby time.
  • Have a comfortable Moses basket – It is not a bad idea to take your baby to your work. That way you can keep your beloved close to you even while you are working. A comfortable Moses basket would be a great investment in this regard.
  • Hire a babysitter – At times, you may be required to hire a babysitter. Ensure that he/she is competent and responsible.
  • Find a Day Care Centre: A very obvious choice – but do enough research and satisfy yourself before finalizing one.
  • Take care of yourself – Balancing motherhood and profession can be physically and mentally demanding. You need to ensure that you receive adequate attention too. At times, let yourself indulge in luxury. Consume healthy food and plenty of water. Most importantly, learn to smile.

There are absolutely no reasons to advocate that working women cannot be good mothers. On the contrary, they can be the ideal mothers who are financially independent as well. It is common to find women engaging in some sort of economic activity or the other, especially in developing countries. Such activities need not affect her baby keeping credentials, provided her priority remains the baby.

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