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5 Useful Tips To Effectively Clean Your Baby’s Clothes

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Have you just got your newborn home and are worrying on how to wash your little one’s clothes? Or if you are still expecting and planning a little ahead by washing the new clothes and getting them ready so that one task is out of the way when you have your little baby to attend to? Also read: 10 Tips To Shop For Your Newborn Baby’s Clothes. Whatever be the case, here are 5 useful tips that will help you to effectively clean your baby’s clothes.
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5 Useful Tips To Effectively Clean Your Baby’s Clothes

One household chore most of us dread is doing laundry. And once we have a baby, the frequency of doing laundry will increase as your baby will spit and pee and poop accidentally on her clothes. We are not just talking about increased frequency here, we also need to be more careful while washing baby’s clothes as your baby’s skin is very sensitive and delicate, and hence the clothes need to be gently washed too without harsh and strong chemicals. So, here are 5 useful tips to effectively clean your baby’s clothes:

    1. Use washing products specifically made for baby clothes or gentle washing: You get products that are meant to be used for baby clothes. Since they are more expensive than the regular washing powder, many of us think twice before investing in it. However, if you have a baby at home, then you should definitely consider buying a gentle washing solution. This will ensure that there will not be any hard chemical residues on your baby’s clothes which in turn might give them skin-related problems, such a rashes. This is because your baby’s skin is very sensitive. When you use a gentle washing solution, it leaves little to no residue on the clothes. It will also be fragrance free (which means even less chemicals) and hence your child’s skin will remain soft. Read instructions on the bottle and add only enough quantity required for one wash. Remember that adding more quantity than required will not make the clothes cleaner, often it will lead to the soap not being washed off well. Also read: Should I Use A Disinfectant To Wash My Baby’s Clothes?
    2. Sort the clothes into dark colored piles and light colored ones: One of the most basic, yet important aspect of washing is that you should make different piles of clothes before washing. Make separate piles of dark clothes, white clothes, clothes that requires hot water washing, clothes that require cold water washing and so on. This kind of sorting will help you to wash them separately, which in turn, will make sure that the dark colors do not bleed and stain the lighter ones. It will also make it easy to follow the washing instructions of different kinds of cloths
    3. Clean cloth diapers separately: Another pile you should separate is that of the dirty diapers and nappies. As and when a cloth diaper gets soiled, you do a quick preliminary washing and keep them separately. When the pile becomes sizable, wash these separately (and not with other light/dark clothes). This is because diapers will have lot of germs, even if you have done a preliminary washing. When you wash these clothes along with other clothes, then there is a risk of spreading germs. Read : Washing Cloth Diapers In The Machine

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  1. Follow instructions on the label: Another aspect most of us forget to notice is the washing instructions on different kinds of baby clothes. Some clothes need very different cleaning procedure. The label will have specific instructions, such as it should be washed only by hand or only in washing machine or that it should be washed with cold water only or with hot water only or that the material is flame retardant and requires special care. Whatever be the case, make sure you wash it separately or pile it along with clothes that require similar care. It is important to follow the washing instructions closely so that the baby clothes remain soft and gentle for a longer period of time
  2. Choose the washing machine instructions correctly: Make sure you chose the “gentle wash” mode in the washing machine when washing baby clothes as they are softer and “gentler” than the adult clothes. Also, watch out for the temperature instructions and set the water temperature accordingly. As we mentioned before, some clothes require hot water and some cold water. Follow these instructions and wash such clothes separately. Similarly, some clothes will come with a clear guideline saying it should not be tumble dried. Watch out for such instructions and set the washing machine instructions accordingly to get the best results

Being a mother is not an easy job. Along with taking care of the baby and his numerous needs, washing clothes is one thing that you will do most often. So we hope these tips will help you to effectively wash your baby’s clothes so that the clothes are not only clean but they also remain soft and are gentle on the sensitive skin of your baby.
Do you have any special tip to wash baby’s clothes? Do you have an extra step or add something differently? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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