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Top Twelve Halloween Movies For Kids

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Halloween is the festival in which people wear creepy costumes, encounter ghosts and around bonfires. People decorate their homes with lanterns, spooky lights and decorate their house in Halloween theme. Children on this eve go to every house and receive fruits and nuts along with candies for trick or treating.
In between various costumes, candies, and celebration, your little kids need time to look up to Halloween. So, when creepy costumes are on and especially during Halloween trick-and-treating, some Halloween movies will keep children engaged and entertained. So, we have got you ten best Halloween movies for kids, which will make this Halloween memorable for them.


Collection of the best Halloween Movies For Kids

Given below are some of the classic Halloween movies for your kids:

1.       Corpse Bride

Released On: 12th of September 2005
Age Recommendation: 10 years old and above
Story Line: This movie revolves around the hardships of a young man who mistakenly marries the corpse of a woman and when the ghost of the woman took him to a dead land. The movie shows how he reconciled with the love of his life later using his wit and intelligence under scary conditions.

2.       Monster House

Released On: 20th of July 2006
Age Recommendation: 10 years old and above
Story Line: Scary but interesting story which shows how a boy called D.J and his friends discover that their neighboring house is a living monster and there struggling attempts to destroy it saving several persons in the town.

3.       Toy Story of Terror

Released On: 16th of October 2013
Age Recommendation: 6 years old and above
Story Line: This movie is based on the famous universe of Toy story with characters such as Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Mr. Potato, and Jessie as toys. During travel with their owner, the head of Mr. Potato goes missing in a motel. The movie tells how they retrieve his head, fighting an evil toy with funny and scary situations.

4.       Super Monsters

Released On: 7th of December 2018
Age Recommendation: 4 years old and above
Story Line: Based on a fictional place called Pitchfork Pines, where kids and their parents who are super monster’s lives. Kids use their power to bring their neighbors in Halloween spirit and encourage one of their fearful friends to participate in the Halloween fest.

5.       Frankenweenie

Released On: 4th of October 2012
Age Recommendation: 8 years old and above
Story Line: Young scientist Victor Frankenstein revives his dead dog Sparky with a scientific method learned from his science teacher’s experiment on a dead frog. Later his friends use this method for fun without his assent, and scary monsters emerge. The story shows how Victor and Sparky fight these monsters and save their friends.

6.       Para Norman

Released On: 26th of October 2012
Age Recommendation: 10 years old and above
Story Line:  The story tells about Norman Babcock, an 11-year-old boy with the special ability to speak to the dead people’s movie is about how he saved his fellow citizens from the curse of a witch who wakes up dead corpse turning them to zombies.

7.       Room on the Broom

Released On: 25th of December 2012
Age Recommendation: 3 years old and above
Story Line: It is an animated film in which a kind witch with her cat flies in the skies, and a favor has done by three animals in finding her lost items and in return of this favor witch gives a promise to them to fly them on her broom but is there enough room on her broom is to be found out watching the movie. 

8.       Gremlins

Released On: 8th of June 1984
Age Recommendation: 12 years old and above
Story Line: Movie tells about a young man Billy receiving a bizarre creature called “Mogwai” as a pet which breeds in evils creatures on failing certain condition. This results in an increased number of little evil creatures which cause mayhem in the town later Billy discovers ways to stop them and wins by vanishing monsters.

9.       Double, Double, Toil & Trouble

Released On: 30th of October 1993
Age Recommendation: 5 years old and above
Story Line: It’s a story of two sisters who discovers that their aunt has been cursed by a witch, which certainly was her sister that she would be doomed to the dead world. Later the curse was broken by the magic spell of the two sisters. The in-between adventures and horror in the movie are worth watching.

10.   Casper

Released On: 26th of May 1995
Age Recommendation: 8 years old and above
Story Line: A young girl Kathleen and a ghost become a friend when the girl and her father, who was a ghost psychiatrist, are recruited to search out for a ghost in an old Manson. Movies later show how a boy became ghost creating troubles in the mansion and Kathleen’s efforts to revive the memory of the boy in order to calm him down.

11. Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie

Released On: 12 September 2005
Age Recommendation: 5 years old and above
Story Line:   Its Halloween in the Hundred Acre Wood, and Lumpy, Roo’s best new friend, is thrilled and all geared up to trick-or-treat for the first time. Roo and Lumpy set out to search for the Gobloon, a creature that is capable of granting wishes. But there is an issue. If the Gobloon catches Roo and Lumpy first, they will be turned into jaggerdy lanterns.

12. Halloween town II: Kalabar’s Revenge

Released On: 12 October 2001
Age Recommendation:  8 years and above
Story Line:  This movie is one of the greatest Halloween movies. An angry sorcerer has stolen a magic spell book of Agatha Cromwell, aka Aggie, the witch. His plan is to turn all the citizens of Halloween town into the outfit they’re wearing at midnight on Halloween permanently. It’s basically a chase against time. They have to get the book back to save the humans from this permanent terror.  The young warlock in the movie surprises the main characters by popping up in unexpected places, so the younger kids may find it too scary

Some Final Words

Some spooky movies, candies, Halloween dresses Halloween decoration, and much more will make this Halloween memorable for the kids. These movies listed above are some of the best movies and will make a perfect environment for Halloween for kids.

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