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Watch best-animated movies for Kids Brain Development

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Parents often find it difficult to teach moral values into their kids. Therefore, they look for other alternatives wherein the kids enjoy and understand what they see and do. Also, at the same time, they are made aware of concepts like morality, love, and empathy. In recent years, a new trend that has come up and is growing vastly is about watching the best animation movies. It will keep your kids engrossed the whole time as well as teach them good things. The visual messages will help the parents to convey everything fast, which was otherwise very difficult to do.


Benefits Of Watching Best Animated Movies For Kids

Check out some of the major benefits of watching the best-animated movies of 2018 and before that:

1. Enhance Their Language:

Watching one of the best-animated movies can help your kids improve their vocabulary. While watching movies, toddlers will be continuously introduced to new words. It can also help teach them second languages that they do not speak at home.

2. They Get Exposed To Creativity:

When your kids are exposed to some unique and attractive animation movies, it also helps boost their imaginative and creative skills as the unique characters of the movie. It also helps them think outside the box, thereby also increasing their concentration levels.

3. Impart Transitory Happiness:

At times when your kid feels sick, it is advisable to show him some animated movies since he will be engrossed in it the whole time and hence will help him feel good momentarily. Laughter is good medicine. Laughter also helps in boosting immunity. Laughing also set off the production and release of endorphins, which cause us to have positive feelings.

4. Integrate Moral Values:

Animated movies are also known for exposing the kids to various moral values. When they see that the main character who they consider to be their hero wins over the evil, it spreads a kind of positive message to them about being good and doing good things.

5. Learn Historical Facts:

There are other best-animated movies of 2017and 2018 which promote various historical events. All those events took place in the past and display other social and political issues to the kids. This will make them learn new things and be aware of things happening around them.

6. No Stress Ever:

Studies have shown that those kids who watch animated movies regularly are likely to reduce their stress levels. Therefore, they prevent any sort of stress-related diseases in the future. Such films help them stay happy and enjoy themselves.

Disadvantages Of Watching Animated Movies:

Irrespective of the benefits as mentioned above, choosing a wrong movie can have a negative impact on toddlers.

Promotes Violence Nature:

Watching animated movies that have violence may encourage violent behavior in a toddler. Also, as the characters in the movie get away intact after experiencing abuse or an accident, the toddlers may believe that violence causes no hurts and pain. Also, wrong role models in animated movies can mislead the toddler by encouraging the bad habits and exhibiting insensible actions towards fellow beings

Plants Bad Language:

Just like an appropriate movie to enhance the vocabulary of the child positively, watching badly chosen movies, or age-inappropriate language will promote using bad language on any occasion.

Promotes Antisocial Acts:

Characters in the movie portraying antisocial behavior can give wrong messages to the toddler. The toddler may get an idea that it is quite reasonable to be aggressive, spoiled, or bratty.

Some Popular Animated Movies

Given below are some of the fantastic animated movies collection that had a huge name back in the day!

Toy Story 1, 2, 3:

One of the best animated movies of all time, Toy Story, is the first CGI animated movie that was introduced by the Pixar Studios for kids. It is this movie that brought the CGI movies into the limelight. Toy Story 2 was another amazing movie that was highly good enough to be watched by the kids. However, Toy Story 3 was a whole new level of experience wherein it portrayed the bitter and sweet experiences of a growing individual. Toy Story was indeed a binge-worthy series of movies with Toy Story 3 is the best out of the three. It is the best owing to its exceptionally well portrayal of the dark and deep soul searching as well.

The Lion King

One of the best-animated movies that steal the show was “The Lion King.” It was an amazingly well movie that was loved by the masses as well as the critics. It was indeed the first animated film by Disney and was the most anticipated one during its time. This movie is a portrayal of strength and determination and fills you with a whole lot of emotions as you watch the movie. It is truly the best movie for your kids to watch and enjoy.

Finding Nemo

Finding Nemo is another timeless movie that takes you into a world of underwater dreamland. It is a fun-loving movie that has a special place within the kids. One of the most anticipated animated movies, this film has bagged various awards and is the 23rd highest-grossing film of all time. This movie is filled with emotions as Mr. Marlin sets to find out his son Nemo, who was caught by a diver and kept in an aquarium.

Sleeping beauty

One of the best-animated movies, Sleeping Beauty, is an amazing tale by the Brothers Grim and Charles Perrault. Though it was not among the highest-grossing animated movies, yet if we watch this movie, we get a clear idea of how beautifully the film is made along with its exceptionally well storyline.

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid is one of the few animated movies that bring in the essence of Broadway music into the film, unlike others, which mostly feature soulful music. This movie swept numerous awards such as the Golden Globes and Academy Awards for the best song category.

How To Train A Dragon

How to train a dragon is an action-packed animated movie. The thrilling adventure of a young Viking and his dragon friend falls under the all-time favorite movie of the toddlers. How to train your dragon is a trilogy. All three films are equally fascinating.

Some Last Words

These are some of the best-animated movies that are excellent and worthy of being watched by the kids. It is because they give several benefits. From providing the kids with a whole new experience of emotions, moral values to teaching them how to live together in a family peacefully. Though all animated movies might have its share of violence, always choose age-appropriate and positive movies for your toddler.

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