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Weight Watchers Kids

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Childhood obesity is a growing concern for parents. If your child is getting bulked up and you want your child to lose the extra fat, you will find lots of ways to do that. Weight watchers kids app is an effective way to lose extra weight. Some parents make a mistake by putting their children on a diet. It damages the growth of a child. Through the Weight Watcher app, you can help your child to lose and maintain the perfect weight, or is it? Several discussions are going on about the effect of the Weight Watcher app on a child’s growth. Thus, let’s discuss everything about the Weight Watcher app.


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What Is ç

The Weight Watcher app is a mobile or tablet application. Its main objective is to help people in losing weight. This app provides:

  • Fitness tracker
  • Food tracker
  • Activity tracker
  • Delicious and healthy recipes
  • Scientifically-proven ways of losing weight

Now, you have to set goals properly. Weight watcher app will help you in goal setting. It will also provide you with all the help you need to reach your goals. The Weight Watcher app is a wonderful solution for those who want to be proactive about fitness.

How Weight Watchers Kids App Works?

Here is how the Weight Watcher app works:


  • You have two options in the dashboard. You can either look for food or activity.
  • You can search for a certain type of food or activity by using the search bar. You can add the foods or activities you find on your dashboard as well.
  • In your profile, you will also be able to keep the reasons for your start your journey for health and fitness to motivate you.

Discover Recipes

  • You will find 8000+ recipes in the weight watcher app. You can search for various recipes by applying various filters, categories, and Smart Points.
  • It is possible to customize a recipe to suit your need or taste by clicking on the edit button on this app.
  • You also create your own recipes and save them to “favorites”.

Barcode Scanner

  • You can scan the barcode of a packaged food with the barcode scanner to find out the Smart Points value of that food.
  • This feature will help you to choose the food you want to eat according to your health.
  • You will also see a section where you will find the list of all the foods you scanned while using this app.

Wellness Wins

  • This app provides you with Wellness Wins for showing a healthy attitude towards your foods and staying on course for your fitness goals.
  • Check how many Wellness Wins you have got so far, check your progress, read supportive messages, see the badges you have collected.
  • You will also find out about the weeks where you have stayed within your healthy eating parameters.


  • Connect is a social platform in this app where you will find motivation for staying with your health and fitness regime.
  • You will also find inspiration from other members by joining in this space.
  • You can also join various connect groups to spread and gain motivation.

Chat With A Coach

  • At the time you require help from an expert, you will find a coach through the weight watcher app 24/7.
  • Whether you need technical assistance, advice or motivation, the coaches of this app will help you out.
  • You just have to click on the help button and you will find a real person to find the solution to your problem.

What Is The Minimum Age For Weight Watchers?

The minimum age of joining the Weight Watcher app is 18 years. Those who are under 18 cannot buy the subscription and other online offerings and products from this app. This app has a special version known as the Kurbo app. In this app, you will find a free fitness program for kids from 8 to 17 years old.

Is Weight Watcher App For Kids A Bad Idea?

The Kurbo app launched by the Weight Watcher has created a major controversy. Many food experts think that this app will create a negative impact on children’s food habits. This app uses various colors of lights to indicate which food is suitable to eat to lose weight and stay in shape for kids. It indirectly demonizes foods that kids need to find vital nutrients that will facilitate their growth. So, it may not be ideal to use it for kids unless parents use their commonsense along with this app.

How To Use Weight Watcher Kids Wisely?

If you are using the Weight Watcher app for your child, you need to be wise in making your decisions. Here are some tips for using this app wisely for your child:

  • Don’t always believe what this app tells you to feed your child.
  • If this app prevents you from giving a certain food to your child, try to find out why your child should not eat that food.
  • Also, find out whether your child can get any important nutrients by having that food or not.
  • You should consult an expert dietician or food expert before trying this app.

The Weight Watcher app will give you a general idea of what your child good eat to lose weight. The body structure of all kids is not the same. The app is not effective for all kids. If your child is facing the problem of obesity, the best step you should take would be to consult a dietitian or food expert. In this way, your child will lose weight safely.

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