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What Not To Do When Being A Stay At Home Mom

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SAHM (3)The decision to be a stay at home mom is a tough one – you have to choose between not just going on a job and staying home, but also consider your social and financial obligations. Sometimes the decision is based on not having a support system , and sometimes it is more economic to be a SAHM owing to high costs of good day-cares. Whatever your decision, be sure that it is not yours alone. Many mothers, and even some fathers, give up jobs and professional life to raise children and be there for the child’s developmental milestones, and also being proud at raising the child themselves, their way.

It bugs you sometimes to be a SAH? We all desire some sort of adult conversations and intellectual exchanges. Changing nappies and feeding does nothing to help, except making one wonder is this is how life will go on. Occasional bouts of depression are natural, but as a mother, you must stay calm and composed and figure out the best you can in this phase. We’d say enjoy this phase, you will always remember when he took his first step and how he hugged you out of love the first time.

Always make sure you are in this as a family – your husband must understand and co-operate with you in being a multitasking Guru everyday. A healthy communication will open doors of more willpower, respect and love. However, there are some things that you just shouldn’t do while being a SAHM –

  • Never take finances lightly- This is a very important part – do assess your finances and make sure that both of you do invest in something as a couple. Works as a booster and doesn’t make you feel dependent.
  • Never skip meals – Yes, you are so busy that you cannot even spare a breath, but you need to refuel your tank before having a heads on collision with lack of energy.
  • Messed up look , no way! – Sweatpants all day?? No that doesn’t work. Dress in a way that you are comfortable moving around and doing things and do not feel offended when a sales girl stands at the door selling you stuff. Get that right.
  • Loose Connect – That’s right! Call up a friend who understands you or talk to parents and inlaws every now and then. And it doesn’t hurt by trying to reconnect to friends that you lost years ago.
  • Saying “yes” to everything- If someone thinks you are a dumping machine to get the weekly get-together dinner done, be firm and learn to say no. A friend who drops a child for a few hours because she needs rest from her taxing job – an assertive NO.
  • Compromise your break time – Take a break, lady. Do that now, right away. Make your spouse understand that you too deserve a few hours of break every week – he can surely be of help during the weekends.
  • Stay in touch with the world – Internet is a powerful tool – make sure you read enough to be at a pace the world is moving. A dinner time intellectual conversation with your husband will surely turn him on!

Lastly, enjoy it – this time ain’t coming back!

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