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When can a baby hold her bottle and top tips to help her with it

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Every new mother feels ecstatic looking and holding their newborn baby. It’s in fact a moment worth cherishing when you hold your little one; isn’t it? But after the first few months, you start thinking if your hands will be ever free again any soon? Will your baby be able to hold her bottle on her own? And many other questions keep popping in your mind.
Usually, a baby starts to hold their own bottle any time between 6 to 10 months. But some babies may hold a bottle much sooner and some others may do it later. So, there’s no reason to panic or stress as each child has their own development cycle.
Baby Hold Bottle
Tips to help your baby hold the bottle
Here are some tips to teach your little one how to hold her bottle.

  1. Observe specific patterns in your baby’s motor skills: It’s never a good idea to force your baby for grabbing things and holding her bottle. You must rather follow her motor-skill milestones and go by it. New-borns mostly learn to open and close their hands firmly around three months. So after your child is that age, you can make her hold her toys and play with them. This way you can observe the patterns and after a few months when the grip is stronger, you can try to make her give her the bottle to hold.
  2. Try to tell your baby the utility of the bottle: If you teach your baby the connection of hunger and the bottle, then half the battle is won. Just give her the bottle quickly when she is hungry. This way you will train her mind to associate the bottle with food and she will herself try to hold it when you give it to her.
  3. Cuddle your little one: When you breastfeed your baby, she feels a lot of warmth because she is close to you. If you replicate that for her while bottle-feeding her, she will not feel deprived of that love and warmth and will quickly adapt to the bottle.
  4. Create a peaceful atmosphere while feeding: If there are too many noises around or some things happening that distract her while bottle-feeding, then your baby might not take the feed properly or can also gulp more air. Maintaining a peaceful environment is very essential for this.Baby Hold Bottle
  5. Start slow: In the beginning of teaching this skill to your little one, it’s not a good idea to fill the bottle till the top. You could just fill a quarter of I to begin with; then try filling half so that your little one can hold it easily in her hands and it’s not heavy for her.
  6. Support her with your hands: The weight of the bottle is new to your baby. Once she holds it and puts it in her mouth, support her arms or hands gently. You can also try putting a cushion or some soft object under her hands or arms as a support.
  7. Never lose patience: Now that your little one is trying, always remember that she cannot learn it in one day. Also, you should not expect your little one to finish the whole bottle in one go. She’s just learning and might take breaks and take time. So be patient with her.
  8. Correct position or posture is very important: You must hold your baby in a way that she is comfortable and in the correct posture. Ensure that you support her head by your hand and it’s raised up so that the milk doesn’t trickle down from her mouth to the ears. Also check that the bottle’s nipple is fully inside her mouth.

Other than these tips, just make sure that you never leave your little one alone or unattended with a bottle. With some love and patience, your child will surely adapt to a bottle very quickly.

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