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Why is Exercising a Good Idea During Pregnancy?

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Exercising keeps your body active even during pregnancy

Exercising keeps your body active even during pregnancy

Are you a fitness freak and ever ready to tread on that mill or are you the casual, take-it-in-your-own-leisurely-style type? The answer matters – now that you are pregnant. The reason being the fact that during the course of your pregnancy you will gain somewhere between 10-12 kilos (thank you ,big belly!) and this additional weight will be borne by your vertebral column, back muscles, abdominal wall, joints and ligaments of your pelvis, and the muscles of your  pelvic  floor. But, if you appropriately exercise and prepare your body, you may be saved from the usual problems that arise from the weight gain.

Simple exercising and controlled breathing can relax your body and mind, improve blood circulation, strengthen your muscles, and also facilitate a much easier delivery. Yes, you read it right – easier delivery. For all you ladies having that question prodding you all the time – labor pain and delivery – take up effective pregnancy exercises right away. Of course, with your doctor’s permission as all pregnancies are not the same. For all of you, whatever exercise you do, make sure it is not so stressful that it leaves you wheezed out.

Here are some effective pregnancy exercises for you to try out:

1. Pelvic tilt – While lying flat on the floor with your legs slightly apart and bent at the knees, place one hand in the hollow of your back, flatten the hollow against your hand, feeling your stomach harden and your pelvis rolling forwards and up with each movement. Lie flat on the floor, with your knees bent upwards. Flatten the hollow of your back and bring one knee towards your chest. Hold. Bring the other knee up. Hold both the knees up for 5 seconds and then lower your legs slowly. Keep the hollow of your back flat while doing this and do not arch it.

2. Kegel – This exercise will help you in controlling urine leaks, easier delivery and strengthens the muscle tones of the pelvis area. Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Tighten the muscles. Draw your vagina in, pause and then pull it in again till you can go no further. Hold for a moment and then let it go. In other words, imagine you are trying to stop the flow of urine midstream. Hold. Then release. Make sure that only your pelvic muscles are working and that you are not using your tummy or legs or holding in your breath.

3. Walking – Go for your daily walk for half an hour. It will keep you fit.

4. Swimming – Often considered as the best way to exercise during pregnancy, it relaxes you and keeps your muscles strong. Ensure that the swimming pool is absolutely clean.

5. Breathing exercises – You can take out time every day to concentrate on your breathing. Lie down or sit down comfortably and relax your muscles. Inhale and exhale deeply. Every time you exhale, let out a sigh. Feel your muscles loosen and relax in an upward direction, starting from your toes.

Staying physically active and including an exercise routine of 20-30 minutes every day, can greatly improve your mental and physical wellness and create a more enjoyable period of pregnancy for you. Give these exercises a try! Happy pregnancy!

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