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Your Baby- Month 11

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It is difficult to imagine how time passes. This is especially true if you have just become a parent. The initial months following the arrival of the baby would have moved at a brisk pace. Years later, you will recall this period of your life and smile in remembrance. So far, your task was of a limited spatial expanse because of the limited mobility of your child. Once, your baby is around eleven months old, things would change drastically. He/she would require a greater space for navigating around and cater to the advanced locomotion skills.

What most babies can do

11 Months Old BabyAn eleven months old baby can be expected to be on the course of curiosity and discovery. Among the things he can do are sitting and crawling on the four limbs. Already, he/she may have made attempts at walking with support and achieved limited success in this regard. Besides, the inquisitiveness of an eleven month old child is unending. Now, the baby should almost have developed the complete set of teeth. This would enable him/her to consume a wide range of food stuff. He/she should be able to chew soft solid food items and digest well. A great deal of specifications and taste considerations is expected by this time. The sleeping pattern is also distinct around this time. Around two small naps would complement the night time sleep cycle. This is in stark contrast to the infant that was born ten months ago. Vocal communication is something that should be well developed by now. An eleven months old child would learn to speak short words in an indistinct manner. Social skills begin to show signs of development as well.

What some babies can do

Your baby is almost a year old. Till this period, physical development supersedes mental development. His upper body strength would have made him/her more capable of clutching onto things that are bright. Be careful of spectacles and jewelry while cradling your child. Around this time, the permanent memory of your child begins to form. He/she should be able to remember people around him. A wider group of people would be included in his recognition memory. Also the vocal capabilities of some children of this age group can be more advanced than others. They would be able to successfully utter words considered more complex.

What few babies can do

By the eleventh month, most babies should develop a working communication system with parents and close acquaintances. In rare cases, the child may even show advanced communication skills such as the pronunciation of difficult words. Gone are the days of spontaneous occurrence of words. There would be sounds with which the baby would recognize certain activities. Activities such as eating and sleeping would be expressed through speech in quite a few cases. Few babies may try and make more use of their feet. They may try and occasional reach for articles placed at higher levels by taking support.

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