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Your Baby- Month 5

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As your baby enters the fifth month of his/her life on Earth, things should become easier for you. By this time, the baby would realize that night is the time when he/she should sleep. Thus, the day would be occupied by toys and by the different sounds and sights that he/she is exposed to. Throughout this time, the spinal cord of the baby strengthens. You may probably be looking forward to watching your baby sit or at the most see him/her try to topple over. But have patience. Normally, it would take a couple of weeks more for that to happen.
What most babies can do
Baby in 5 MonthsThe fifth month of the baby is marked by an important transition. It is around this time that your child would make the first sounds of speech. The first process starts a few weeks after birth but it is only by the fifth month that he/she would try to imitate what is being said to him/her. Of course, what you would be hearing would be some muffled sounds that is only remotely associated with speech as you know it; but it is the effort that matters. By the end of this month your baby should manage basic words like papa or a mama. It is also common for a baby of this age to manage an uncontrolled smile or two every day. Certain things or objects may act as a trigger. There would be genuine attempts to communicate. By this time, your baby should show a diverse array of body movements. These may include cycling of both the feet or clapping. Certain sounds or images can be used to induce movements or silence him/her while crying. There is a continuous increase in the strength of the body. Though a baby would not be able to attain a sitting posture him/herself, he/she may sit for short periods if placed in that position. The baby can spend a few minutes on his stomach every day. This would allow him/her to gather strength of the limbs. Occasionally, he/she can be expected to topple over and come to a face down position. Crying should come down now. However, toilet training is still far away and diapers would still have to be used. Your baby might as well sprout his first set of teeth as well. You might eagerly await the time when your baby is ready for night weaning.
What some babies can do
However, there is nothing to worry if your child has not yet made attempts at real speech. No two children are the same. There can be some lags. But never stop trying. Also, by the fifth month your baby should be able to take solid food. The baby should begin craving for newer tastes by this time. Milk is often no longer enough to fit the requirements. It should not harm to introduce mild adult food but care should be taken.
What very few babies can do
A rare percentage of babies can sit if they are put into that position. An ever rarer percentage would make their first fumbling attempts at walking on fours. Few would learn to take cues regarding when to urinate. These are all very rare though.

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